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The Scorpio February astrology predictions reveal that this month you will do well in your studies. You will perform well becoming one of the top students in your class. This achievement will enable you gain scholarships that will enable you pursue higher education.

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Based on the February horoscope for Scorpio , traveling this month will come with loads of gains. You are making positive changes in your life and traveling for business ventures is one of them. You are determined to make something out of yourself, and nothing can bring you down this month. Tags february scorpio.

AQUARIUS February ASTROLOGY Forecast 2016 Karen Lustrup

Your email address will not be published. Starting February 14th, with Mars transiting Taurus, connecting with nature and grounding is essential for our health. In relationships, we become more traditionalists, so this is not a good time to Cookies help us deliver our services.

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More info I Accept. In February , you begin to feel that is the moment to breathe a new air in their love life.

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It is possible to end an unsuccessful relationship or to decide it is the right moment to forsake the bachelor status and to let someone new in your life. Generally we have set dates for these astrological periods, but this doesn't tell the whole story!

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The phases of the constellations are just that, phases! There is not hard start or end to them because they blend together.

So if you are born close to the start or end of a phase, you will experience traits from both. In your case, you are born under the Capricorn phase, but are only 4 days away from the Aquarius phase.

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Aquaries are oppertunistic, work with what they have and are always working towards new goals. Here we have listed how compatible you can expect to be with each other sign. The higher the percentage, the more compatible you can expect to be! As as Capricorn born on January 16th , you are most compatible with Cancer and Scorpio.

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On the day of your birth, January 16th , the moon was in the Waning gibbous phase. Following your birth, the next full moon after your birthday was on Currently the moon is in the Waxing gibbous phase, and is at The next full moon is on You will see an increase in the following traits today:. Enter new date:. Birthday Overview Zodiac Roman Numerals.

Date Roman Zodiac. Weekly Horoscope What you need to know: Your planetary influence Saturn orbits past your birth constellation soon, you will have variations to your closest friends.

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Your spiritual color is blue. January 16th Birthday Horoscope This is a place of business, a place to be serious. Be careful that there are no ulterior motives with this apparent generosity! Jupiter conjunct South Node on Jan 8 will be one instance where you get some well earned karmic payback from a benefactor …. Ceres has the strangest orbit where some years it is as fast as a personal planet and other years it functions more like Jupiter.

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This year it divides itself mainly between Aquarius and Pisces and retrogrades twice so it is more personal. Before it does we have a Persephone -esque connection of Ceres conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on Jan Sorry to sound like a broken record but this is quite a dangerous conjunction to have in your house of the taboo. The raw and primal energy of the Aries full moon—mixed with Pluto in the erotic eighth house—can stir up strong sexual chemistry.

Least compatible Signs: Taurus and Pisces.

Time for some well-deserved fun, Gemini! If its screams demon, then it is demon. Virgo Astrology Galaxy PopSocket. Creative urges may pull you away from your sweetheart, while singletons may be drawn to seriously artistic types.

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Again you will be tested with the forbidden fruit of a dark cupid. Black Moon Lilith. For the majority of the year Lilith will be in Aries so we will take it from there. From Jan 27 Lilith through the house of friendship and wishes will sort out which contacts are on your wavelength and which are not.